Cykin 125 mg (Palbociclib) Capsule


Cykin 125 mg (Palbociclib) Capsule


  • Cykin 125 mg, meticulously formulated by Genvio Pharma Ltd. and distributed by Orio Pharma, emerges as a groundbreaking advancement in breast cancer therapy.
  • The active ingredient, Palbociclib, belongs to the class of cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) 4/6 inhibitors, offering targeted therapy for individuals with hormone receptor-positive, HER2-negative advanced breast cancer.


  • Cykin 125 mg relies on Palbociclib, a potent CDK 4/6 inhibitor.
  • Its mechanism of action involves specifically inhibiting the CDK 4/6 pathways, pivotal in regulating cell cycle progression and promoting cancer cell growth.

Mechanism of Action:

  • Cykin 125 mg operates by halting the activity of CDK 4/6, arresting the cell cycle at a crucial checkpoint, and impeding the uncontrolled proliferation of breast cancer cells.
  • This targeted approach is particularly effective in hormone receptor-positive breast cancer.

Clinical Use:

  • Cykin 125 mg is primarily employed for the treatment of hormone receptor-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer.
  • It is prescribed for postmenopausal women with advanced or metastatic breast cancer in combination with hormonal therapies like aromatase inhibitors.

Dosage and Administration:

  • Healthcare professionals determine the dosage of Cykin 125 mg based on the specific characteristics of the breast cancer and the patient’s overall health.
  • Administered orally, with or without food, the treatment plan may be adjusted according to ongoing monitoring.

Benefits of Cykin 125 mg:

  • Precision Targeting: Cykin 125 mg offers precision in targeting the CDK 4/6 pathways, specifically addressing hormone receptor-positive breast cancer.
  • Improved Progression-Free Survival: Palbociclib has demonstrated efficacy in improving progression-free survival in combination with hormonal therapies, offering extended periods of disease control.
  • Maintained Quality of Life: The use of Cykin contributes to maintaining the quality of life for individuals with advanced breast cancer, reducing symptoms and enhancing overall well-being.

Manufacturer: Genvio Pharma Ltd.:

  • Genvio Pharma Ltd., the esteemed manufacturer of Cykin 125 mg, is dedicated to producing pharmaceuticals of the highest quality.

Supplier: Orio Pharma:

  • Orio Pharma, the distributor of Cykin 125 mg, plays a vital role in the distribution and accessibility of this crucial medication.


  • In conclusion, Cykin 125 mg (Palbociclib) stands as a beacon of precision in the landscape of breast cancer treatment.
  • Manufactured by Genvio Pharma Ltd. and distributed by Orio Pharma, this medication represents more than just a treatment; it signifies a transformative tool in the fight against advanced breast cancer.
  • The precision of Palbociclib in targeting CDK 4/6 pathways underscores its role as a potent and well-tolerated therapeutic option.
  • The collaboration between Genvio Pharma Ltd. and Orio Pharma ensures that this innovative medication is not only manufactured to the highest standards but also made accessible to those who need it the most.