Biganib 180 mg (Brigatinib) Tablets


Biganib 180 mg (Brigatinib) Tablets

Introduction: Biganib 180 mg, meticulously crafted by Drug International Ltd. and distributed by Orio Pharma, emerges as a beacon of hope in the landscape of advanced lung cancer therapy. The active ingredient, Brigatinib, is a potent tyrosine kinase inhibitor that demonstrates precision in targeting specific pathways associated with lung cancer, offering a novel approach to treatment.

Description: Brigatinib, the focal point of Biganib 180 mg, belongs to the class of anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) inhibitors. Its mechanism of action involves blocking certain proteins that contribute to the growth of cancer cells, particularly in cases where the cancer is driven by abnormal ALK genes.

Mechanism of Action: Biganib 180 mg works by inhibiting ALK and other receptor tyrosine kinases, disrupting the signaling pathways that promote the survival and growth of cancer cells. This targeted approach is crucial in managing advanced lung cancer with specific genetic mutations.

Clinical Use:

Biganib 180 mg is primarily used for the treatment of:

  • Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC): Brigatinib is prescribed for individuals with metastatic NSCLC whose tumors have specific genetic mutations, such as ALK-positive mutations.


Dosage and Administration: Healthcare professionals determine the dosage of Biganib 180 mg based on the specific genetic profile of the lung cancer and the individual patient’s response to treatment. The medication is typically administered orally, with or without food.

Benefits of Biganib 180 mg:

  • Targeted Cancer Therapy: Biganib 180 mg offers a targeted approach to cancer therapy, specifically addressing NSCLC with ALK-positive mutations.
  • Disease Progression Delay: Brigatinib is effective in delaying the progression of advanced lung cancer, providing patients with valuable time and enhanced quality of life.
  • Improved Survival Rates: The use of Biganib contributes to improved survival rates for individuals with advanced NSCLC, offering a promising outlook for those facing this challenging diagnosis.

Manufacture Section: Manufacturer: Drug International Ltd.

Drug International Ltd., the manufacturer of Biganib 180 mg, is dedicated to producing pharmaceuticals of the highest quality. With a commitment to innovation and stringent adherence to standards, Drug International Ltd. plays a pivotal role in ensuring that patients receive reliable and effective medications.

Supplier Section:Supplier: Orio Pharma

Orio Pharma, as the distributor of Biganib 180 mg, serves a crucial role in the distribution and accessibility of this vital medication. Committed to excellence in supply chain management, Orio Pharma ensures that Biganib reaches healthcare providers and patients seamlessly.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Biganib 180 mg (Brigatinib) represents a breakthrough in the management of advanced NSCLC with specific genetic mutations. Manufactured by Drug International Ltd. and supplied by Orio Pharma, this medication is not merely a treatment; it is a transformative tool in the fight against advanced lung cancer.

The precision of Brigatinib in targeting ALK-positive mutations underscores its role as a potent and well-tolerated therapeutic option. The collaboration between Drug International Ltd. and Orio Pharma ensures that this innovative medication is not only manufactured to the highest standards but also made accessible to those who need it the most. As the field of lung cancer therapy advances, Biganib 180 mg exemplifies the progress being made in providing more effective, personalized, and compassionate care for individuals facing advanced NSCLC.