Avalet 20 mg (Avatrombopag) Tablets


Avalet 20 mg (Avatrombopag) Tablets

Introduction: Avalet 20 mg, a product of Drug International Ltd. and supplied by Orio Pharma, emerges as a key player in the management of thrombocytopenia. With the active ingredient Avatrombopag, this medication offers a targeted solution to elevate platelet counts, addressing a critical aspect of various medical conditions associated with low platelet levels.

Description: Avatrombopag, the central component of Avalet 20 mg, belongs to the class of thrombopoietin receptor agonists. It functions by stimulating the production of platelets in the bone marrow, providing a tailored approach to addressing thrombocytopenia—a condition characterized by abnormally low platelet levels.

Mechanism of Action: The mechanism of action of Avatrombopag involves binding to and activating the thrombopoietin receptor, leading to an increased production of platelets. This rise in platelet counts plays a crucial role in managing conditions where low platelet levels pose a significant health concern.

Clinical Use:

Avalet 20 mg is primarily used for the treatment of:

  • Chronic Liver Disease: Thrombocytopenia associated with chronic liver disease, a condition where low platelet counts can lead to increased bleeding risk.
  • Chronic Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP): Avatrombopag is also indicated for the treatment of chronic ITP, a disorder characterized by a low platelet count due to immune system dysfunction.


Dosage and Administration: The dosage of Avalet 20 mg is typically determined by healthcare professionals based on the specific condition being treated and the individual patient’s response. The medication is administered orally, and the treatment plan may involve adjustments based on ongoing platelet count monitoring.

Benefits of Avalet 20 mg:

  • Platelet Count Elevation: Avalet 20 mg effectively stimulates the production of platelets, addressing thrombocytopenia and reducing the risk of bleeding associated with low platelet levels.
  • Improved Quality of Life: By elevating platelet counts, Avalet contributes to an improved quality of life for individuals with chronic liver disease or chronic ITP, allowing for better overall health and well-being.
  • Reduced Bleeding Risk: The ability of Avatrombopag to increase platelet levels is instrumental in reducing the risk of bleeding episodes, a common concern in conditions marked by thrombocytopenia.

Manufacture Section: Manufacturer: Drug International Ltd.

Drug International Ltd., the manufacturer of Avalet 20 mg, is dedicated to producing pharmaceuticals of the highest quality. With a commitment to innovation and adherence to rigorous standards, Drug International Ltd. plays a pivotal role in ensuring that patients receive reliable and effective medications.

Supplier Section: Supplier: Orio Pharma

Orio Pharma, as the supplier of Avalet 20 mg, plays a critical role in the distribution and accessibility of this essential medication. With a focus on excellence in supply chain management, Orio Pharma contributes to ensuring that Avalet reaches healthcare providers and patients seamlessly.


Conclusion: In conclusion, Avalet 20 mg (Avatrombopag) emerges as a valuable asset in the management of thrombocytopenia associated with chronic liver disease and chronic ITP. Manufactured by Drug International Ltd. and supplied by Orio Pharma, this medication is not just a treatment; it is a solution that elevates platelet counts, addressing a critical aspect of various medical conditions.

The precision of Avatrombopag in stimulating platelet production underscores its role as a potent and well-tolerated therapeutic option. The collaboration between Drug International Ltd. and Orio Pharma ensures that this innovative medication is not only manufactured to the highest standards but also made accessible to those who need it the most. As the field of thrombopoietin receptor agonists continues to evolve, Avalet 20 mg exemplifies the progress being made in providing more effective, personalized, and compassionate care for individuals facing thrombocytopenia.